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The Story of how Stolen Photo got started.

I was on my way home from a long weekend business trip. Thankfully I managed to get bumped to First Class since the airline had fucked up my baggage on my trip out. They lost a bag that contained some disc's that I needed to work on for a client back home. After three days the bag was finally recovered but I was now under pressure to get the work done and would have to do it on the flight home.

Once on the plane I quickly took my first class window seat. I sat down, pulled out my laptop, stowed it's bag under the seat and ordered a Southern Comfort On the rocks. Immediately I began to work.

A guy sat next to me and asked if I was in town on business. I simply answered "yes" hoping that since I didn't retort the question he would let me be. Normally I don't mind talking to my seat mate. As a matter of fact, I like it. I generally meet a lot of very nice and successful people on planes. Some I have even created business relationships with, but this trip I had a backlog of work to do and I needed to do it.

The next question "What do you do?" He asked. "Fuck!" I think, I know this guy is gonna persist. I figure I better tell him that I have work to do. Then maybe he'll understand and leave me alone. I look over at him and tell him that I design web pages. I continue to explain my story and how I need to get to work. As I speak I notice some things about him.

He is middle aged with very well groomed lightly gray hair. His clothes are upper class casual. The kind you buy from an expensive department store. His fingernails are manicured and he is wearing an expensive watch. He is exactly the type you usually see in first class. None the less this piques my curiosity and I ask what he does.

He tells me that he owns a construction company. He builds and engineers high rise office buildings. I'm thinking "boring". This guy and I don't have anything in common and there's no chance for a business relationship. I don't need him and he doesn't need me. I'm thankful that he didn't say that he builds computers or works in Hollywood. Then I would have to inquire more but now I can just work.

The flight attendant stops and asks if we want another drink. He orders white wine, I ask for a pop and get back to work. He open's a magazine and starts to read. It's one of those financial mags. I turn back to my laptop and continue to work.

About a half hour goes by when I get the feeling I'm being watched. I glance over to him and as he stairs at my laptop he say's "Exactly what kind of web pages do you design" I look back at the screen and the picture is of a very beautiful girl buck naked in public. I said "Mostly adult".

This I know is it. It really doesn't matter who you talk to, when people find out your in the adult business you get bombarded with questions. And the questions did start to fly. I continued to work while I answered them. I wasn't enthusiastic about my answers I've answered these questions a million times before. If it wasn't for the work I needed to do I would be happy to talk about it. I really do love the adult industry but I had to work so he got the cold shoulder until....

He leans closer to me like he's gonna tell me a secret and whispers, "I have a shoe box full of nude photo's". Ok he's got my attention. I'm thinking "What an odd thing to say" so I ask "What kind of nude photo's?" I learn that he worked for a photo developer while he was in college. Back then, before one hour photo they use to have these little drive up photo places located in supermarket parking lots. These buildings were smaller then a Yugo's trunk but barely big enough to fit a single person. It was this persons job to collect the film rolls, put them in envelopes and send them off to the lab. When they got back from the lab he would collect money from the customers and give them their photos.

Except, when the photo's came back he would look through them for nudes. If he found nudes he would take all the photo's out and send the negatives back to the lab to be developed again. When the photo's returned he would transfer them back to the original envelope and give them to the customers. This way if the customers came back and wanted to know where their photo's were they could be tracked. They were still in the companies possession. It would be assumed that the delay was because of a film problem or something. Regardless He said "People would not put up a stink, they were so afraid we would see them nude that they would just play it cool"

Of course he couldn't do it to the same people every time but he did start to get to know them. If someone would drop off a roll, and he knew the person brought in nudes or was nude before. He would automatically get double prints. Sometimes he would even delay customer's regular photo's so they wouldn't be suspicious about the delay when they brought in nudes.

At this point I wonder if he knows I'm salivating. I ask how many he has and learn that there are thousands. Of course I start to explain how he could make a lot of money off these photo's but he's not interested. He says he just did it for fun. He actually hasn't even thought about them for years until now. I tell him I'd love to see them. The conversation goes on and on. I keep trying to figure out a way to get them from him. I probe every angle but none seem to work.

Next thing I know it's time to land. We're gonna part ways but before we do I offer him my business card. He takes it and presents me with his.

A few days go by and I go out and buy a flatbed scanner. I box it up and along with a note that reads: "I'd still love to see those photo's, maybe this will help." Then I shipped it off to his office and left it at that.

Months went by and I didn't hear a thing. There wasn't anything for me to do. I couldn't call him and say "Hey send back the scanner" He never asked for it. I just sent it. We had no business with each other. No other reason for me to call him. So I just wondered.

I gave up after a year had passed and took his card off my wall and threw it away. Still I would often think about it. I always wondered how many other guys did the same thing he did.

One day, As I shuffled through the mail I came across a padded envelope with no return address. In it I found a disc tilted "Shoe Box" and a note. The disc contained almost 500 jpegs of nude people. The pic's were old and shot by different obviously amateur photographers, if you could call them photographers. The scans were bad like the person had no idea what he was doing but despite all this the contents were great. The note simply read "I hope you enjoy these as much as I do."

Right away I knew who they were from. I was so thrilled to see them and happy to finally put a close to this saga. Now that I had them I just couldn't keep them to myself. I had to share them, so I decided to put together this FREE site for everybody to see.

Next thing I know, people are sending me ton's of photo's stolen from photo labs. So I included those too.

Then people started to send pic's of their ex-wives and girlfriends. Guess what I included those too.

Then I got the ultimate stolen photo's. The Disneyland Splash Mountain Photo's. They are here too.

In closing I have only one thing to say, "I hope you enjoy these as much as I do."

"I hope you enjoy these as much as I do."

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