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We want your photos!

To submit your photos, and get a discount to the Archive, all you need to do is follow the next few steps:

1) Scan the pictures into your computer. If they are on video tape, use a capture device to convert them into digital stills. Photo's should be scanned with a max width of 400 pixels and a max height of 400 pixels with a depth of 72 dpi.

2) Do not put web address or copyright's on photo's.

3) Compress the images into .JPG format using an image editor. Set for medium compression (5).

4) Write a short summary of the photos. exp. "Photo's of my wife's sister that I found in her panty drawer." -or- "Photo's snagged from the drugstore's photo bin." The longer the better.

5) a maximum of 10 photo's to us.

6) Usually your email address is deleted after we receive your photo's. Sometimes if there was an error in the saving or sending of the photo's, we will then reply to you and tell you what the problem was. If you do not want us to reply then include "NO MAIL RESPONSE" in your mail and we will delete your mail and not respond to you for any reason. Your identity is kept confidential. For added security you can get a free E-Mail account from or

7) We will determine where your photo's will be included at stolen photo and for how long - unless you state otherwise in the accompanying email.

8) Within 5 days We'll e-mail you a link that will allow you to subscribe to StolenPhoto for only $5.00 a year. Unless of course you stated "NO MAIL RESPONSE" as in step 6. Then you'll pay full price.

Send real photo's to:

Stolen Photo
19360 Rinaldi St. #159
Porter Ranch, Ca. 91326

Photos will be returned if requested.

Legal Stuff

Please be sure that the material you send us is not copyrighted and/or stolen from another web site. Stolen from you sister-in-law is OK but not another site. Frankly I don't know why anyone would do this. It's pointless to take photo's from another site or usenet and submit them here. It's not like you gain anything from stolenphoto except the fun of sharing.

We do not accept any material which shows persons under 18 years of age or images of persons who look younger than 18.

We reserve the right to refuse your photo's for any reason without any further explanation to you.

You must be fully aware that by sending us your photo's through e-mail, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question. By sending in your photos to our site, you allow us to show them at our web site. However the copyright will remain yours.

"We look forward to your photo's."

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